0.24.3 (22/09/2020)

0.24.2 (18/01/2020)
            wcm, wcc, wterminal 
                    compiled using libssh2 1.9.0 and openssl 1.1.1d
        in the previous version (with libssh2 1.8.0 and WinCNG) ssh and sftp do not work in windows 10 19.09            

0.24.1 (05/01/2020)
        wcm, wterminal
            added ability to change termigal styles (10 styles), (Options->Styles->Terminal styles)

            2 color styles added ()

        bugs fixed

0.24.0 (28/12/2019)
       wcm, wcc
            editor work faster when inserting and deleting large arrays
             in test mode added support for ipv6 (ftp, sftp), enabled in the settings menu (disabled by default)
            Added ability to change file properties (only in Linux) (ctrl-a)

            in test mode added support for ipv6, enabled in the settings menu (disabled by default)

        bugs fixed

0.23.3 (7/01/2019)
      added auto update of panels (for system FS), turned off in settings

      win32 option
              compiled with a newer version of libssh2 library (1.8.0) and without using dll, sftp began to work much faster
              64-bit build added

0.23.0 (11/24/2018)
        Added ability to read iso images

0.22.1 (10/07/2018)
        fixed crash when exiting wcm and wcc
        (observed in ubuntu 04/18/01)

0.22.0 (03/09/2018)
        zip added
        The F11 button (or via the menu) adds the ability to create archives (tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.xz and zip)

0.21.0 (02.24.2018)
        Added work with archives:
                tar.xz (.txz)
                editor: the skip button has been set up for replace
                tar: prefix field is taken into account

0.20.3 (2.12.2017)
 Win32 added ability to work with com ports
 connection information is displayed in the window title
 wcm / wcc:
 fixed bug with incorrect recognition of symbolic links in archives

0.20.0 (11/25/2017)
       added ability to work with archives:
             tar.gz (.tgz)
             tar.bz2 (.tbz2 ...)
             tar.Z (.taz)

0.19.0 (Nov 7, 2017)
        Added a separate terminal terminal Wal Terminal (ssh, telnet, raw tcp, serial port) with keyboard extensions for wcc
        ps: serial is in test mode (disabled in win32 version)

0.18.5 (06/18/2017)
        wcm / wcc - Ctrl-B shows / hides the bottom buttons
        wcm / wcc - added ability to highlight spaces and tabs in the editor (included in the editor settings)
        wcc - ctrl-O - points to the terminal window and back in the editor and viewer
 wcc - command prompt configuration option added

0.18.2 (05.24.2015)
 added the ability to change the height of the panels with the Ctrl-Up Ctrl-Down buttons
 applied new icons for wcm and wcc from bigvax!

0.18.1 (05/17/2015)
        lynx move mode added to panels, disabled by default (works if single-column panel mode)

0.18.0 (04.18.2015)
 added console option (wcc)!
 - tab search sometimes gives an extra-large window
 - ancient bug with ctrl alt, etc. in the win32 console window

0.17.2 (11.12.2014)
 minor fixes
 compiled in freebsd (at least 10) and showing there the correct free disk space

0.17.1 (01.12.2014)
        fix: autocomplit on escape was closed with simultaneous cleaning of the command line

0.17.0 (November 30, 2014)
 terminal emulator has been improved (unix version)
 - the ability to work applications with the mouse
 - the possibility of using 256 colors
 minor improvements, such as viewing the terminal from the editor for ctrl-O ...

0.16.7 (4.11.2014)
 The ability to save to the disk the history of all the necessary lines (command, search lines ...) for quick search of previous commands
 enabled by default, turned off in the "system settings"
 auto complete in the same lines where history saving is turned off (also turned off)

 fixed jamb in undo in EditWin :: FromClipboard ()

0.16.5 (Nov 1, 2014)
 The current copy speed is displayed.
 on ctrl-l a popup window is made with info (does not show the size of non-local fs)
 the icon mechanism has been reworked, in the panels they now look less dumb and change their size in proportion to the fonts
 Helps window size reduced to reasonable limits (depending on text size)

0.16.3 (Oct 15, 2014)
 minor improvements
 free disk space on the panel
 hot letters in the menu and (some) dialogs
 earned the mouse wheel in win32
 2D schema added (external)
 several bugs fixed
 fixed selection of files on the panel with shift-arrows
 fixed jamb with opening files in win32, for example, did not open image files in win 7

0.16.1 (2.08.2014)
 minor fixes
 done to find libraries from samba-4 (otherwise samba access was not included in ubuntu 14)
 the internal mechanism of coloring has been altered (something similar to css has been made); externally, the changes are slightly noticeable only in white and black styles

v0.16.0 (1/15/2014)
 Russified (Russian is turned off if not needed)
 Win32 includes the ability to use paths longer than 256 (I forgot about it completely)
 in the editor, the inserted block is deleted before insertion (if any)
 added syntax highlighting for GLSL (some kind of garbage from a blunt tipka)

v0.15.10 (01/05/2014)
 added java, python and latex highlighting
 changed the syntax highlighting config and added the ability to highlight what is not clear if the file is in the beginning; or //
 in the editor made a reaction to ctrl-left and ctrl-right (word left and rigth)
 made the transition to the ctrl- / and ctrl- \ buttons to the root directory of the current file system
 made the transition by pressing the ctrl ~ button in the home directory
 Shift + arrows select files